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GoGreen – dedicated to Sustainable Development

GoGreen is a recent company of a new kind known as ecoliable since strongly committed to economical, social and environmental issues.

All of our products and suppliers, both present and prospective, are committed to strictly respect the environment in all way, from a minimal level of pollution (during the manufacturing process and transportation) to the total recyclability of the products themselves.

We are the exclusive distributors of TreeSystem for the Benelux area and we chose to be based in Luxembourg because of its strategic position in the heart of Europe and its outstanding infrastructure and logistics.

GoGreen is sole distributor in the Benelux and Germany of eCool, an earth cooler patented without using any electricity, nature friendly.

GoGreen is actively committed to social issues and therefore devolve part of its sale proceeds to organisations active in the fields of child care, especially pediatric services, the assistance of the homeless and animal protection.

A clean planet that can best accommodate all its inhabitants